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QUOTE (JeepRubi @ Nov 19 2009, 11:21 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
Since guests can now see the forum, I'd just thought I'd let all of you guests know that if you register, you'll be able to read the live wip, community news, game design, and off-topic sections, in addition to being able to post.[/b]

Very glad to hear this. I told a friend about renegade-x a few days ago, and he wanted to check it out. But I always find that being forced to sign up is a great obstacle, I naturally distrust anything on the internet asking for any information about me, especially if I didn't ask to sign up in the first place. This will set the border a little lower and more people will get into contact with renegade-x.
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Quick Question, recovered password (DUH)

But when i try to look in the WIP section i cant see anything, I can look at the main forum and select the last topic peopel posted in WIP and it works, but viewing the entire list nothing?

Suggestions Please


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