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Alright, I'll reply, but its the last time I'm responding to such a question, far too many asking it! :)

Renegade-X is still currently entering the Make Something Unreal contest, which is still a mod-only contest. As such, we woulc lose vauable MSUC preparation time attempting to convert at thie time.

Renegade-X uses a lot of Epic's UT3 content, we would need to redo practically every map asset and texture, which is a mammoth job.

We will port to the UDK at some point, but we have committments currently that make it naive to do so right now.

Also, we are still in the development stage. We will continue developing as a mod until such time as we feel we can spare the time and talent to convert over - rest assured this will happen for the final release, but we wont any such guarantee to be on the UDK whilst releasing the next few betas.

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i did not see it here on the fourms and i did say near future and the make something unreal is a good event to be in and i would not want this mod wasting it chance to win. i was only asking if at some point you where moving over to the udk and you answered it.

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