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Well, that title did nothing to represent the actual topic at hand. All you really know is that I plan on talking about bullets.

At any rate...

First and foremost, I'd like to say that I can't find my install disk, so I can't reinstall and test this on the original renegade.

With that said, though, there are a few things I'd like to ask.

Do bullet weapons' ability to damage armored targets seem a little off to you? I mean, I know that they can't hurt a tank, but I thought that even the basic assault rifle rounds and pistol rounds could damage the lighter targets (Mainly the two artilleries) as well as harvesters.

Even if I'm remembering wrong, isn't the sniper rifle supposed to damage the Nod Artillery the same way it damages the GDI MRLS?

I'm not sure if this is a bug, or my faulty memory, so I'm just posting the thread in the general forum here.


In other news, the chaingun is awesome. I can't wait for its laser counterpart. =P

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the bullets did do damage to all vehicles . i think C&C renegade used some sort of % table that based on the type of armor you would do more or less damage with your basic assault rifle. (i have classic C&C Renegade installed and still play)

their beta seems to take this in account... the scaling might be off though.

as for the sniper rifle its not doing the same amount of damage to the mrl and arty cause its not the 1000 credit sniper only the 500 credit

i believe these are easy fixes just a matter of changing values. and im sure they will get around to fixing it AFTER they confront the more immediate issues.

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After having looked at some of the RenX files, it would seem that the NOD Arty has the wrong armor type on it - thats why it seems so much stronger against infantry ammo than in renegade itself...

Hopefully this is fixed soon.


I am not a developer, nore a beta tester - thus anything i have said is not strictly true and could be wrong

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