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Seriously guys, we know you can't turn a profit on this mod but the work you're doing is outstanding and I'm sure some of us really want to give something back besides our constant whining about things that need fixing.

Where can we go if we want to donate a bit of cash or something else? Tell us!

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they couldnt accept donations without the mod being about renegade, they have mentioned it before on moddb i think.

its all to do with game engine liscence fees and interlectual property and if they are seen as making money from it (directly or indirectly throught donations) then EA and Epic could come down on them hard wanting their royalties and stop development all together

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its not 4 sale its just a donation for thankyou's...nyway they did all that work 4 it :)




Forced to give em $$$ or just saying Thanks...Its not iligal to say thanks but if it is.........WTF IS GOING ON WITH THIS WORLD lol

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QUOTE (Notorious Pyromaniac @ Oct 5 2009, 08:23 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
Server costs are incurred by running the site... So you don't need to "call" it anything.

Receiving donations would not be illegitimate.[/b]

You can make a donation through the paid subscriptions:


I don't think the beta tester offer still stands though. :P
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Dunno what the devs are going to say about the donation thing but the community that hosts the server for beta testing is borgamers. If you really want to donate, you can go to the borgamers.com site and donate useing the link found in the forums (borforums.com). As far as i know, these forums are provided to them as well as basic hosting from DMEHosting.com.

Again wait untill the devs say something on this, i'm sure that they will be on soon.

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I already discussed this with Bob in IRC last night I think.

He said something to the effect that no donations can be accepted that are related to the mod. Donations can be accepted to keep a server up and running, to purchase a larger or newer server, and to keep the website up though. Nothing else though. If you tried something under the table the fans would know and then EA would find out coming down on the makers of Ren X. SO PLEASE DON"T try anything like this.

Only donate to whoever the respected people are to keep the renegade x servers maintained and their website up and running.

Please correct me if I'm wrong guys.

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