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Poll on CnC Den


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There's a new poll on CnC Den. The new DEN poll Question asks: What would you like to see next for the C&C Universe of Games? The choices are:

a)First Person Shooter

b)Red Alert3

c)Expansion for C&C3


I'd like to use the results of this poll as a statistic.. this number will show the general percentage of people who anticipate a First Person Shooter. As a member of the C&C FPS community, and as a member for a C&C mod for an fps game, I voted choice A.

I recommend the rest of you take 5 seconds and vote for First Person Shooter biggrin.gif Tell your friends as well, this would be a very useful statistic for us!

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Originally posted by DeathLink6.0


But I think it's no wonder that so many people voted for a new FPS. CnCDEN is mainly a about Ren and of course a site with a lot of users who are still playing Ren.

Not as far as I know, and beside most ppl that play renegade are C&C fans in its whole and also RA3 is the winning answer.

Soo your argument seems a bit vague

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Well Vin, the same poll is also hosted on RADEN, which is a wholly Red Alert website. You'd obviously think the people who visit it daily have a bias for RA3.

And actually a lot of Renegade players arnt C&C fans... I know a tonne of them that havn't played the original but love the game.

Considering FPS is a close second, it's still quite a valid poll. I want you guys to vote FPS on other computers as well, and maybe tell your friends to vote FPS.

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