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Just thought I'd give a thanks to Fobby and the rest of Ren X team for bringing out this mod, Still a few things I've noticed that need adding atm but to be expected as it is after all a beta. Even so the beta is amazing; it's nice to see so many players in a server again on a new and undeniably better engine, Renegade X looks pretty promising and can't wait for future updates :)

Others feel free to post thanks, as I'm sure they pretty well deserve it!

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Yes guys you do indeed deserve a HUGE HURRAH for Ren-X. It looks awesome. There are a couple of issues but for a beta it is definately playable. Well done!

Just in case someone wanting to play cant get through one of the doors (or any of the doors) for some reason in Multiplayer the doors do not work and you have to run and Jump and feign death to get through the doors. It works ok in the single player mode as the doors work there. Be aware when you play and give the coders time to fix things.

Tanks and vehicles are very cool and are a joy to drive. Make sure you set all your keystrokes up as there are a LOT.

Incidentally to the previous poster, if you are in single player mode and your sbh rifle goes invisible shoot it and it will come back.


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Totally agree with the 2 above posters. Tbh it's been a while since I've had this much fun ingame. Although buggy, it's certainly good fun. And knowing it's a beta build, things can only get better.

Thanks for all the hard work you guys are putting into this!

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