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A few questions


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i think i can answer the first question. Drivable harvesters will help you get income. The drivable harvester is, as suggested in the name, drivable by players and therefore can be usefull as extra source of income. And if i'm correct this'll be a server side option.

Can't help answer the second question, just check the forums tomorrow and you'll c :)

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question # 2

the answer was in the Renegade-X September 09 update.

It will be a Wednesday, so expect the mod download to go up sometime in the middle of the day eastern time (GMT -5). If you live in a timezone far ahead of EST, the mod will be available to you on the morning of October 1st.

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QUOTE (TigerXtrm @ Sep 29 2009, 03:11 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
I remember the concept of drivable harvesters being done in A Path Beyond at a certain point. It can be pretty fun but can also completely ruien a round if some noob gets his harvester blown up every time.[/b]

Only if you get one harvester. Most Apathbeyond maps have 1 AI harvester and then you can buy more that are human driven. Only one map has player controlled Harvesters with no AI harvesters and It's considered one of the least enjoyed maps.

I assume in Renegade X (server option right?) it work like the former.
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You will never be able to drive the AI Harvester, so it doesn't matter if some moron keeps getting his Harvester blown up because it is only additional income. You don't have to rely on the moron for your entire team's income.

The drivable Harvesters aren't in the first beta, but yes, that's how they'll work.

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