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Rename map remakes?


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I was thinking today... why not rename the remake maps (such as field, islands, walls, ect)

Something simple and distinctive but not unoriginal.

I suggest renaming them because they are remade versions of old concepts, not the old concept itself. Look at the Halo series, for example. In Halo 1, there was a multiplayer map called "Blood Gultch." That map made a reappearance in Halo 2 as "Coagulation." In Halo 2, there was a map called "Lockout." In Halo 3 the remade version is called "Blackout." The new versions were almost exactly the same as the old versions.. just with some added graphics and visual aesthetics.

New names give the maps a new flare, and believe it or not, add to the nostalgia effect.

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Field could become Battlefield (litteraly a battlefield),

Under-Underwater (as the name suggest somewhere underwater) or Underground (speaks for itself),

City-Metropolis (a futuristic looking city remake),

Complex-Compound (a military compound maybe ?),

Hourglass-Hub (the central piece linking the two bases ?)

Mesa- no idea at the moment

Canyon-Gorge or Ravine (nearly same just minor changes?)

Walls-Grand Canyon (inspiration from the grand canyon in america)

Islands-Atlantis (realy random name, erm a floating city with the exact same layout as the original map ?)

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I just think that using the old names make the maps sound less epic than they are.

And I'm not suggesting change the map name completely so people get confused. I mean a name that is basically the same just more awesome. In Halo, "Blood Gulch" and "Coagulation" basically mean the same thing, as they both have to do with blood clotting.)

If not, just put an "X" in the title to indicate to the players that the map has been "X-ified!"

Like Field X

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I wouldn't mind going with something like "Field-X," as you said before it could be ren-x-ified. You could do it this way so that it would still keep the same epic names and not confuse anyone, as well as letting everyone know that the Ren X team created that map!!!

Kind of a nice idea I think. ;)

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