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True C&C mode support


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I'm pretty sure true C&C Mode is possible. The engine is highly moddable. However, the buildings would pop up at pre-determined locations when built for the sake of not screwing everything up (buildings inside of buildings, randomly placed buildings by n00bs, defenses in the enemy base, etc).

There are a couple of C&C fan-maps in UT2004 that have bases that build themselves when the player reaches a certain objective, and it unlocks higher technologies (vehicles and base defenses) when the structures are completed.

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Even that alone sounds good. If players had to wait for their base to begin construction it would give the game that extra C&C feel. Also encourages players to use the less tech units until the others become available. Could make some interesting game play.

Im sure there could be a way to prevent players from doing things such as those.

Can the engine randomise a base construction sequence instead of being the same every time?

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