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all players :D


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I want all players that will play renegade-X when it comes out say I Will and say what number they are

I Will! 1


Post "I Will" 1

Reply "I Will" 2

Reply "I Will" 3

ok b/c i want a number of ppls xD

BTW i dont care if there is problems...Its a free mod and these ppl worked hard and no1's perfect...we are very lucky :D i cant wait xD any one can say there is a problem...inform but complain and bitch...**** them! lol

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QUOTE (Combine 108 @ Sep 17 2009, 06:06 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
Making a poll would probably be more effective.[/b]

I agree; however, if you want to get an estimate on how many will be playing then look how many joined the facebook group. It's over 500 people right now. I'm betting that at least half of those people will be playing the mod when it comes out.
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