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Tiberium Silo


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Before beging, Sorry for my bad english it not my firts language ;) .

I don't know if this idea was proposed before, if yes just lock topic :unsure: .

I have think to something that can change and make Marathon game very hot and add more fun. The main idea is to rebuild some map ( best map in Marathon are field and others map with base Defense) for add the building Tiberium Silo on it. Why that building can change the game ? I think every people that have already played on big Marathon server know that after 6 or 7 hours best player, on each team have 50 000$ or more and lost Tiberium rafinery dosen't change anything for them. The utility of that building would to stock all Tiberium ( for player = money) after 5 000$. If the building is detroyed, all people with more then 5 000$ lost all the money and drop to 5 000$. This will very help game on Marathon server for stop player with 20 000$ and more that have receive donation from 30 people that have left game before the end. We can change the limite this is a idea, but I would know what poeple think about that idea and if this is possible to do.

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QUOTE (epicelite @ Sep 12 2009, 04:04 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>

NO! [/b]

Stop trolling or I'll make you stop.

Silos will make an appearance in Renegade X, but not until the other buildings are done and fully operational (which we're almost there for that). We will find a system which is appropriate for them.
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Well, I think it is up to player choice whether they do anything with that money.

Personally, if I have anything over $5,000, I often just start donating to people who join the server or anyone who has less than $1,000.

As Fobby said, we'll be doing Silos later, and they'll function the way they did in Renegade. Although since they aren't on our list of priorities we haven't thought about them much. We'll consider whether or not to give them secondary functions besides extra income.

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