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Originally posted by Titan1x77

how far along are ya?

we'll have a mod for the little one to play, you know either boy or girl he or she will be playing Renegade, along with mom and daddy.

Tell dogg to come sign up...you know he's going to play this mod when it arrives.

Well I am 15 weeks along and only sucks because well my youngest son (pickleboy) will be 10 yrs old so been a lot of years without experience anymore lol Unsure of the sex yet but knowing my luck a boy sad.gif no offense lol.... but due July 28th.

And yes if Dogg has anything to do with it this youngin will be playing along side him, I only hope that our child will kick his tail like he does us when we play... lol

I have informed him about this site but can't seem to pull him away from Battlefield 2142 ... I'll keep tryin though.

I can't wait to play this mod myself ... I just have to buy UT3 though as I only have the new ... your all doing a fantastic job though its nice to see old faces bringing the community back together again. We're gonna be getting another server here in a few more days so Speedy can set us up with a few things so when its ready I want in :wink:

Take Care

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