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Favorite Movie?


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SO what is your favorite movie or movies?




I love most WWII movies, especially Saving Private Ryan, and Black Hawk Down. I like the LOTR movies, Star Wars movies, and those are pretty much my favorite genres. ;)

I love "The Last Samurai," movie; it's really good. Tom Cruise is my favorite actor, and yes I loved his latest movie "Valkerie." :P

(Might have mispelled that last movie.) :huh:

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I love the C&C FMVs :P :lol:

ok seriously now , i like several movies and can't truly decide , but for genre i love sci-fi , why? because it is much more 'creative' than crating inaccurate movies about pirates , historic figures and so on... * and i HATE WW2 movies , it's been done to death <_<*

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Aww really?

I love the honor and the will of the soldiers trying to save each other. Those movies are great. If it's something that just has a bunch of shooting, then it's nothing that special. I wasn't too excited about Rambo after I saw it. I have to say that there are some great moments in Saving Private Ryan, and a Few Good Men, that really touch my heart and makes me want to jump in there and fight with them. I guess that's what the army had in mind eh?

I love that sci-fi crap too. It's really neat; especially those Alien vs Predator movies! I forgot all about them, OH MY GOSH!!! I have to go look through my DVD'S!!!

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QUOTE ((NE)Fobby(GEN) @ Sep 10 2009, 02:56 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
In a nutshell some of my favourite movies include:

The Dark Knight
The Matrix (1)
Lion King
Star Wars Episode 3
Pirates of the Caribbean (1)
My Cousin Vinny

And that's all I can remember for now.[/b]

I was going to say lion king, You got a great list going just need to add to it,

Snatch, boon dock saints, lock stock, rocknrolla
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