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Renegade X Resource Packs


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Below are links to all the Images, Music, Podcasts, and Videos I could find of Renegade X. You might find them useful or you might not, but they're up there if you want them.

The audio files are all in the .mp3 format, and I converted all videos to .mp4 format (i.e. Quicktime), so you shouldn't need any new codecs to play either. However, if you do not have them for some reason, you can use iTunes to play any of it. (No I'm not a Mac user, but iTunes > WMP :P)

One last thing, if you don't have an extractor that can open .rar archives, you'll want to get WinRAR or they'll be useless to you ;)

Originally posted by (NE)Fobby(GEN)

This has not been checked over or approved by the Renegade X team. Download at your own risk.

The download times below assume an avg download speed of 250 kb/s. You might (hopefully) get a faster download speed, but I erred on the side of slowness in these numbers.


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