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Vehicle Question


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Will there be more damage delt to vehicles when hit in their rear or side armor?

When you destroy a vehicle, will the driver survive like in regular Renegade or will they die if they do not exit the vehicle before it explodes? Because i hate destorying a vehicle and not getting a kill because they survive to run away, or lag makes it harder for them to kill.

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Just the driver dieing would be nice, i don't mind the passengers in the APC living though. Because when you destroy the vehicle the surviver is still a threat so you have to basically do a double kill. Probably won't be a problem in X, but its a pain in regular renegade when you have to fight the lag.

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perhaps a kind of compromise, which would enlargen realism but would not greatly affect gammeplay:

whenn your vehicle dies it doesn't just explode like in the real worldd, it's simply incapable of functioning and you need to get out. It's probably burning so you get some damage when the vhicle you are in is destroyed.

You might want to or want not to allow this to damage passengers as health is so important when you are APC rushing and you have to go through a minefield and several soldiers to get to that MCT with just 4 people.

Yours sincerely,


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Or......wait for it......STICK to the original. Blown up vehicles do not = dead drivers/passangers/hitch hickers/ stowaways ect.

It would ruin a lot of aspects of the game. The mod is coming along nicely btw. I recon alot of us still playing renegade today will host servers just for this =]

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