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Suggestion for Community Projects

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If anyone here's been on Black Mesa Source's forums, there are community projects that get the community involved more in the mod (having forum members design and post misc. props, textures, etc.). This is only a suggestion, but you guys on the team could hold such projects/contests. For example, I was thinking that we (forum members) could each design propaganda posters for GDI/Nod, and the best one could be incorporated into the game. And so forth.

The projects don't have to be groundbreaking; they could be very minor in detail, so they don't interfere with the regular flow of work.

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  • Totem Arts Staff

We did something like this in the past - we asked the community to make a concept of one of the Renegade maps and the best one would be remade. Though only a few took part in it and none of the submissions were really good.

We'll do something in the future. Keep your eyes open.

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