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C&c renegade-x maps


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Well, hi there, I only have a simple question, and since im new on this forum :rolleyes: (signed up 2 hours ago and learned about this mod via the new vid of battlecast primetime that was refering about this mod) i was wondering if there will only be the map already made by westwood in ren-X or you guy gonna adds new completly different map :huh: ?

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first, Welcome :D

second lol like jointn00b said, all the original map + the ''intro'' map in single player, will be make. i think some new map will be avaible at release. but theres alot of good mapper all over the web for UT3. so expect to see alot of new map and im sure, alot of remake of renegade fanmap

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QUOTE (titi577 @ Jul 25 2009, 03:51 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
ty, and also , do we need UT3 to play it when its gonna be ready?[/b]

This has been asked so many times now. :unsure:

Q: Will you need UT3 to play this mod or is it a stand alone?
A: You will need a valid copy of Unreal Tournament 3 with the most up-to-date patch in order to play Renegade X. (At the moment that is patch 2 and the Titan pack.) For legal reasons there is no way we could do a stand-alone, so don't even bother asking.[/b]
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