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Alright. Modelling. I need some help

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Alright so i'm not looking to be like super detailed like the superb models you guys have made so far, but would you guys be able to tell me how to model something like the body of a car or perhaps a tank?

I'm just curious since i just got the software i'm trying to check it out but i need some help. I'm usually set once i figure out whats going on and all.

Thanks :)

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The best thing to do is to find tutorial, preferably video tutorials on sites like http://www.3dtotal.com

My personal advice when modelling is to break things down into small sections. A whole model can seem overwhelming but if you do a bit at a time it's a much easier task. I also find I draw ideas down first and break things down in my head and on paper before jumping into a model. This gets easier with time.


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Thats helpful already =)

Yeah cause i don't have much problem modelling its just like could you make a whole tank with just one box and just modify everything?

like is that possible, or is it ridiculously ineffective and not even worth it..?

thanks =)

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Well anything that moves has to be its own part (like the turret has to be separate from the chassis, the wheels have to be separate, etc.). But yeah anything that is solid could be made from one object. Sometimes it is more efficient to use more than one object though.

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I'd stay away form cars until you're more proficient. Its incredibly difficult on cars to maintain edgeloops, on tanks, with them being bulky objects, this is far easier.

Almost all polygon models start out like as a "primitive" - a box, a cylinder, a plane, a sphere etc..

I tend to use (in Max) a plane and start from there. I use the Cut, Bevel, Extrude and Chamfer tools the most to then edit the plane into a brand new shape, but you could use a box, yes. You can select and edge and shift+drag to create a new face from that edge and so on.

Modelling isn't the hard part, learning the tools are, Max is a HUGE program.

Look at tutorials, video ones will really help. :)

I might do a video tutorial for my next model :) .

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  • Former Developers

Before you decide to model anything just become familar with all of the tools that are avaliable. Well all might be over whelming but all of the basic modeling tools that are avaliable. Just try making a box, converting it to an editable poly and just trying out all the different tools that are avaliable in the modifier panel. Once you have an idea of which tools perform what task, then you will have a better idea how to achieve certain tasks.

There are many different ways to model, and its really just up to you because in the end it will all be the same. I also like Maty, start off with a single plane and extrude it out and shape it to a model. However sometimes I like to make a basic model which would be made entirely out of primitive objects. This way I can see what it is I'm trying to model, and keep the proprtions check. I guess you could say its kind of like a rough copy to get you started. After that I would go ahead and model over it with a "good copy" mesh.

As I said before thats just one way to make models. I do not prefer one way over another. I tend to model each part differently based on the best possible way to model that particular object.

For your first model I suggest that you do not tackle something that has a lot of organic shapes and curves, but rather go for something a little more easy to do. As Maty said already, a car is actually quite difficult because it has lots of organic curves. So I too would recommend that you try something a little easier.

One of the most helpful set of tutorials I found were from 3D Buzz. These guys have a bunch of video tutorials on so many different things. They throughly explain what you need to know to use a certain application like 3ds max. If you bought the limited edition of UT3, you'll notice there are some video tutorials and they were all made by the guys from 3D Buzz.

So goto their websites, register, and you'll be able to view all of their free video tutorials. http://www.3dbuzz.com

remember, start off easy, then slowly work your way up.

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