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I finally made it in the level design industry! Well sort of...


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Damn, looks nice. Depending on if you have to pay for it once, or have to pay for it every month, I might actually consider to buy this when it's done.

Which are you going to do? Environment, magic/elemental effects, characters or whatever?

I've watched the video's on Moddb, looks good, especially while it's still in WIP.

Why do half the characters walking around have red glowing eyes? It's a nice touch, but weird even for an RPG :)

What I think is a bit dissapointing is the fact that those dragons have way to small wings in proportion to their body. The wings are big enough for them to fly despite their incredible weight, but the speed at which their wings move is far below the neccecary speed. I think it would show a lot more power if it didn't lazily fly around but had to swing those wings like mad to keep flying, while at the same time looking as if this is something it can keep up all day. /Random rant

Yours sincerely,


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