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Hello, there was a topic somewhere that went partly about mouses, but I can't find it anywhere.

So, my old mouse appeared to be a bastard. I was the only one in the family that didn't think it a monster which you had to hit the buttons with a hammer to press them. But lately it started giving me problems as well. Now I got a new mouse, specs below:

3200 DPI, adjustable from 400 to 800 to 1600 to 2000.

Laser mouse

Adjustable weight

onboard memory for mouse combination storage

3 preset button combinations, changable with one button.

Now I get to the thing I want to ask: How the hell do I change the button combinations? It seems that if I want to reach that 3200 DPI, that I have to change one of the preset DPI's to it. But I can't find it anywhere! Same counts for the button combinations. The left tilt of the scrollbutton means, no matter if I change the button in game or not, 'throw away weapon'. As it's a rather sensitive tilt, I happen to be throwing my weapon away a lot. 'Here ya go chap, you'll need it to shoot me, Hope that gives me enough time to run away while you are SWITCHING WEAPONS! '

I already installed the software of the mouse. Can anyone please help?

Yours sincerely,


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You didn't tell us what brand or model the mouse is. :P We need that info first.

In any case though, the mouse's software should have a little application where you can map keys to buttons. For me, my Logitech G5 has keys mapped in SetPoint. SetPoint also controls, among other things, whether I have 3 or 5 DPI settings to choose from.

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Check in Start->All Programs->Mouse_Manufacturer(Logitech, for exmaple)

If not, go Start->Control Panel->(Set to classic view if not already) Mouse, and look in there.

As for the buttons, that will be in the game's confiuration itself. If it's Counter-Strike for example, load that up, Options->Keyboard->Drop Weapon, reassign the drop weapon key.

As with all high DPI mice, you'll need to scale down the mouse-sensitivty in game.

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It says 'trust' on the packet, for some reason I can't yet fanthom they put 'predator' on the mouse as well. Perhaps they thought it sounded cool for a mouse...?

I managed to find something called 'gaming mouse' somewhere on that CD. After it had installed that I could suddenly open a command editor. So much for 'full install'.

I can't understand the editor though:

I've got 3 windows:

window saying 'command editor

Window saying command assignment, has the options to choose from all buttons except left and right button

Window saying command library

They all have arrows pointing to eachother. Now I chose my preferred buttons in the command library, after it made them I figured that using the arrow saying 'load selected command to the selected button' would work. But then it just says in the command editor 'press key release key '.

After trying it out, all the button combinations are STILL the same!

PS: Even as I'm writing this I'm still fiddling, and Now I've seen that I can 'record' my moves and button combinations. So that I can set my own series of commands. Now I figured that out and added them to the empty command NAMED 'Throw grenade [g]', It might work. Have to try it out though. Thanks for the help so far!

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