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A few questions...


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I'll make this rather quick and painless.

#1: Is there anything being done to the Ramjet's aim when not using scope to sort of nerf the 'popping' ability it held in Renegade that allowed it to be rather broken? Also can apply to the Sniper Rifle in part. Both weapons were ferociously abused outside of their intended roles.

#2: Will there be a game mode option to turn off the 'hero' classes to allow a straight up structured army v. army game?

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If by popping ability you mean that weird little side-to-side dance snipers do sometimes, then the Unreal engine doesn't have that bug.

As for number two I don't think we have thought about that possibility at all.

Also there's a FAQ thread at the top of this forum.

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By "popping" I mean how the weapon can be used at close range and one-shot all the light infantry. I always felt that was horribly broken, and that the weapons in Renegade were pretty imbalanced.

I'm really against the whole "vulture" mentality after the Barracks of one team is lost. I feel that a team should always have a chance to come back within limits, and that if there's something about the design that allows for complete domination, then that is bad design. The ability to pick off an entire team countless times with the Ramjet from half across the map as they try to move around their base is unfair and aggravating.

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