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Lol at systemrequirementslab


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Well my PC started out as a server in life, from when i was running my own business, I used it and still do as a fileserver, DHPC, DC and such. When my other pc's motherboard died, i used this pc more and more and i fell in love with its raw power so i just sort of turned it into my all around gaming and server pc.

the reason for me using server os, is because it does what i need it to do, and it runs a lot better than its desktop others. Though i can us Linux i dont use it because i like to play my games, and i have done my MSCE training so linux isn't my sort of game.

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i made the same job @ Staples .. and get fired cause i told to my boss that hes was a #$?%%$%&%?& moron and hes skill in PC stop at formating HDD ... all other guys made the same things .. always formating ... you work over 15 min on a pc and you didnt find the trouble .. format it .. i was like WOOOOOTT .. not really a Tech dept .. anyway lol

well i have to see .. currently im on Vista X64, but i run seven X64 on dual boot, to make some test .. and it dosent support all game so i have to keep my vista :P

well i had a old version, but lately i installed the one who was found on M$ website. ill restart later and tell you after

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QUOTE (=HT=Duro @ Mar 5 2009, 12:55 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
hmm killa .... WTH is that ... 32 gb of ram, its ok .. but 32bits OS .... somethings dont work here .. 32bits manage only 4GB of ram, including video memory .... so somethings wrong on your screenshot :P[/b]

Thats not true, when you enable PAE in windows it will use as much of ram as you have, but the resource over head is crazy. Thats why i use 64 so i don't have the cpu overhea0d
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