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  • Take command of the toughest most deadly vehicles!
    Take command of the toughest most deadly vehicles!
    Strike with precision using orbital Ion Cannons and Nuclear Strikes!
    Strike with precision using orbital Ion Cannons and Nuclear Strikes!
    StrFight together to overcome every obstacle.
    Fight together to overcome every obstacle.
    Take part in the most strategic Infantry and Vehicular battles.
    Take part in the most strategic Infantry and Vehicular battles.
    Go guns blazing with the most diverse arsenal at your disposal.
    Go guns blazing with the most diverse arsenal at your disposal.
    Fast paced action keeping you at the edge of your seat!
    Fast paced action keeping you at the edge of your seat!
  • Renegade X: Patch 5.79.698 - Patch Notes

      Started by Totem Arts,


      Welcome Back, Commander!

      Welcome to the first patch on our road to the FINAL version of Renegade X! Starting this year, we'll be adding in new content and bug fixes as a part of the FINAL version - a.k.a. Version 1.0 - roster. This update includes a lot of quality of life features, bug fixes and gameplay adjustments to refine the experience even more.


      Chemical Warrior

      Something never felt right with the Chemical Warrior character, so we've addressed that with a brand new character model taking much more resemblance to its OG counterpart. Much better than a Black Hand Sniper paintjob, right?



      New Map! Mines

      We're pleased to announce that we're adding in CNC-Mines (created by community member a newly appointed staff member @Njorl). He has been working hard to update the with the recently gained feedback from the public playtest. Check it out!



      Overview Menu

      We've redesigned the Overview Menu to give more information regarding your team and the battlefield. The amount of EPIC Characters are now also being displayed. In addition to that, the Airstrike zone is now also being displayed once the target has been painted!



      Revealed Position

      For the first time in Renegade X' history, we're bringing in a new feature that originally comes from Firestorm! Commanders can now spot enemies, but those enemies will get notified about that their position has been revealed.





      | Balance |

      • Halved infantry healing required to collect VP reward


      • Radar Scan
        • No longer scans infantry inside of buildings
      • Tactical Rifle Grenade Launcher
        • Slightly reduced the splash damage radius
        • Slightly reduced the burn damage
      • AC-130 Airstrike
        • Reduced rate of fire and damage slightly
      • Stealth Tank
        • Increased vehicle damage by 10%
        • Increased the lock-on homing strength


      • Soviet Tesla Tank (APB)
        • Updated the Lightning Bolt damage to 65 and updated the splash radius to 80
        • Added Veterancy


      | Gameplay Changes |

      • Disabled the map change vote for the first 10 minutes of the game
      • Friendly airstrike target zones are now visible on the minimap and overview menu
      • Spotting an enemy beacon now reveals it on the minimap
      • If a friendly spots a Timed C4 on you, you'll receive a Private Message
      • Added a chat announcement when mines are being removed by the commander
      • Updated headshot logic to be more consistent


      | Bug Fixes |

      • Fixed the Airstrike weapon causing you to pickup ammo boxes even if it can't be refilled
      • Fixed not being unspotted if you died
      • Fixed an issue with firing directly after reloading that caused weapons to not display as firing for other players, causing invisible damage
      • Fixed an issue where vehicle FOV was causing remote clients to see vehicles aiming in the wrong spot. This happened a lot when firing into tunnels on Field, for example, and caused a lot of invisible damage
      • Fixed the player being ignored / not taking damage by base defenses if they exited their vehicle while the defenses were shooting that first (Skirmish only)
      • Fixed a bug that allowed the players to start voting for a commander impeachment when there was no commander on the team
      • Fixed Mendoza's beard being visible through smoke effects
      • Disabled automatic blending on running animations that caused some weird looking hesitations


      | Visuals / Audio |

      • Chemical Warrior:
        • Added new character model!
      • Shotgun:
        • Updated the weapon model when you carry it on your back
      • Railgun:
        • Updated the weapon model when you carry it on your back
      • Ramjet Rifle:
        • Updated the weapon model when you carry it on your back


      • Added in Hitmark sound effects! (Can be enabled through the Settings Menu)
      • Updated some voicelines for the Soldier, Grenadier, Black Hand Sniper, Chemical Warrior and Rocket Soldier
      • Repair Facility:
        • Re-Enabled the 'Building Under Attack' voice message by default


      • Soviet Tesla Tank (APB)
        • Added the classic RA1 Firing and Reload Sound Effect


      | User Interface |

      • Added a new design for the overview menu, being much more detailed with showing player statistics
      • Added a UI new element for displaying you've been spotted by an enemy Commander
      • Disabled the '[ STOLEN ]' tag on spotting as half of the time it didn't work correctly and created confusion
      • Re-added on-screen messages for starting a bounty


      | Quality of Life |

      • Added an auto-balancer that keeps the teams balanced, with a credit bonus as reward if you're switching teams.
        • Feature has been disabled by default
      • Vehicles that die to non-player damage (water/lava/etc) will now give their kill credit to the most recent player who damaged it


      | Maps |

      • Global
        • Restored the Vignette in the Post-Processing Chain we use on all maps
      • Crash Site:
        • Complete rework of the map!
      • Complex:
        • Restored a gentle snowfall effect that went missing ages ago
      • Desolation:
        • Applied the correct bike to the Nod vehicle roster
      • Eyes:
        • Fixed a stuck spot on the GDI ramp inside the Tiberium Cavern.
        • Moved up the Repair Facilities to the back of the base for both factions
      • Field:
        • Reverted the Winter version back to its regular counterpart
        • Restored the original floodlight lenseflare
        • Fixed the GDI bots sometimes bumping into the corner of the Adv. Guard Tower interior and get stuck until they suicide
        • Modified some blocking volumes to stop vehicles from enetering the tunnels
        • Added some boulders around the bunker paths to indicate vehicles can't access those areas
        • Adjusted the area surrounding the Nod bunker where GDI would have a safe haven.
      • Field X:
        • Added additional cover on the outer vehicles routes for Anti-Tank units and vehicles. With the advanced base defenses up, it becomes barely impossible to snipe into the bases
        • Rock compositions that provided cover in the outer vehicle route have been revamped, giving the advanced base defences more of an advantage to target approaching enemy vehicles
        • Fixed some issues where vehicles would be able to bypass the invisible walls and access infantry only areas
      • Forest:
        • Reverted the Winter version back to its regular counterpart
      • Goldrush:
        • Fixed characters and vehicles appearing pitch black in most parts of the map
        • Updating a lot of rock compositions that are less stretched out and more natural looking (Visually they are more appealing)
        • Gave the advanced base defences more sight over the entrance again instead of sitting behind a rock and not having much of a purpose
        • Moved the rock arch in front of the Obelisk more up so it won't block the view of the crystal
        • Removed the perch near the GDI Refinery that didn't have much purpose, instead a new perch has been opened around the AGT that allows infantry to push out of base more easily
        • Various material brightness balancing to not appear too dark
        • Fixed a lot of miniscule gaps in the factory
        • Fixed a dirt road that was going underneath a rock
        • Fixed some floating wooden fence next to the Barracks
        • Fixed a floating container near the Airstrip and added an additional container on top to cover you from the Obelisk
        • Restored the Tiberium Infestated Tower material that got broken ages ago
      • Lakeside:
        • Reverted the Winter version back to its regular counterpart
      • Mines:
        • Added
      • Walls:
        • Reverted the Winter version back to its regular counterpart
        • Fixed the Nod Harvester not fully entering the Tiberium Field
      • Toxicity
        • Barracks and Weapons Factory switched locations
        • In addition, the Weapons Factory will now be harder to hit from the dam
        • The upper infantry route - now near the Weapons Factory - are accessable for vehicles
        • Moved the Guard Tower to a more optimal position
        • Fixed a Base-2-Base location around the Airstrip
        • Updated the Minimap and Preview Image
      • Under:
        • Nod tunnel ground now have a snow physical material applied that makes sure you get a snow footstep sound rather than a concrete footstep sound


      | Other |

      • Update rotation RCON command to give current gamemode rotation rather than Rx_Game exclusively
      • Added RCON command for kicking all AFK players
      • Added revive building kismet action node
      • Having health locked on building now blocks pedestal beacon special effects
      • Removed RCON log for going out of bounds



      What's next?

      We hope with this patch out we can continue the development of the 1.0 version of this game. We already have some things in the works that will come in the near future. That includes the release of the most anticipated map at this moment: City. One other thing that is almost near completion is another character model! I hope he brings more "Firewood" to this game.


      Until next time!

    Renegade X: Patch 5.78.640 - Patch Notes

      Started by Totem Arts,


      "Ho Ho Ho, Commander!"

      We've reached the end of 2023, which means our annual Winter Season Event has arrived! Snow has fallen again in 5 of our maps and we're glad to release this just before the Holiday season starts. Santa Claus has also brought us a lot of new voicelines for all characters for us to enjoy!











      | Balance |

      • Guard Tower:
        • Increased the range to match the range of the Turret
      • Engineer:
        • Increased the armour from 75 to 100
      • Repair Gun (Engineer):
        • Increased the range from 600 to 750

      | Quality of Life |

      • Q-Spotting defences should now mention what building they're closest to (to indicate which Turret needs repairs f.e.)
      • Variant maps should no longer appear more regular than they used to (e.g. If you end a round of Field, then Field X should not appear in the vote list)


      • Adv. Guard Tower:
        • Updated the exterior model with a smaller antenna, which was causing a lot of issues regarding Base-2-Base'ing for map creators

      | Audio |

      • Characters will now say something when they've discovered a vehicle from a crate. (courtesy from @dr.Mobius)

      | Maps |

      • Arctic Stronghold:
        • Fixed multiple bugs regarding rock climbing and bypassing the map boundaries
      • Field:
        • Replaced with Field - Winter
        • Fixed being able to climb the small rocks between the Barracks and Refinery and hop on the wall blocking the back of the Refinery
      • Field X:
        • Updated the invisible walls for the outer vehicle route
        • Added tiny slopes on Nod's outer vehicle route so that AT-Infantry have a chance to take cover
        • Removed the Turret next to the Hand of Nod
        • Removed the Communications Centre
        • Overhauled the outer route for both factions
      • Forest:
        • Replaced with Forest - Winter
      • HeXmountain:
        • Switched back to X-mountain
      • Lakeside:
        • Replaced with Lakeside - Winter
      • Reservoir:
        • Replaced with Reservoir - Winter
        • Fixed a bug regarding rock climbing behind the Nod Power Plant
        • Adjusted the GDI Tiberium Harvest location to be actually inside the Tiberium Field
      • Steppe:
        • Fixed a bug regarding rock climbing and bypassing the map boundaries
        • Fixed bots automatically joining the game (even when the bot amount is set to 0 in the Skirmish menu)
      • Toxicity:
        • Both Repair Facilities will now mention if it's under attack
      • Walls:
        • Replaced with Walls - Winter
      • Whiteout:
        • Fixed being able to climb the larger boulders next to the Weapons Factory with a MRLS


      | SDK |

      • Added the Humvee from OG Renegade as a drivable vehicle


    Renegade X: Hotfix 5.78 - Patch Notes

      Started by NodSaibot,


      "Welcome back, Commander!"

      Hotfixing our previous patch, we have introduced a few fixes to keep games running smoothly.




      | Bug Fixes / Changes |

      • Fixed being able to donate negative credits
      • Removed damage shake camera animation
      • Fixes for some issues with driving vehicles
      • If a map is removed from voting pool due to being played recently, it's variant is now also excluded
      • Once again added more voicelines (thank you @dr.Mobius!)

      | Balance |

      • Defences
        • Now have 50% damage reduction to airstrikes




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