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CNC - Forest 3.0

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About This File

CNC - Forest

  • Refinery - Barracks/Hand of Nod - Weapons Factory/Airstrip - Tiberium Team Silo
  • Medium sized map with much space for Infantry and Tank actions
  • not based on Old RenX maps

What's New in Version 3.0



  • full scaled rework



  • just fixing some minor details to get everything perfect
  • little (for the player not noticeable) Kismet changes to prevent weird bugs



  • all Players will receive 170 credits after the first Harvester dump (for explanation refer to forum topic)
  • added some EVA announcements
  • fixed Harvester stuck
  • added destroyable obstacels
  • fixed stuck spot at Medical Center
  • changed tree materials
  • changed some rendering properties
  • fixed some bad collisions



  • fixed mutiple stuck spots
  • GDI Deco comm center is visible now
  • changed some tree materials
  • fixed Kane screen isn't moving the way it is supposed to
  • updated preview image




  • reduced package size by removing night assets
  • area around Nod gun emplacement is now only Infantry
  • added Endgame Camera
  • fixed Tib Sun GDI logo needs BH packages
  • fixed bad culling


  • added wind and bird sounds
  • reduced river size
  • added Kane speech
  • added Kismet stuff (for example Tib Grow sequence)
  • added screens for bunker PC
  • rendering changes, scene is brighter now


  • Team Silo credits reduced from 1 per tick to 0.5 per tick
  • Credits per Harvester dump increased from 160 to 180



  • fixed tanks are able to shoot GDI Refinery from unfair spots
  • blocked Infantry from going up the rocks next to their bunkers near the bridge




  • fixed GDI GT, it is now able to cover the ref back door properly
  • removed night version because of bad preformance (for now)
  •  fixed some bad culling
  • fixed bad tank blocking volume near Airstrip tower which prevented tanks to block the entrance


  • removed pipeline part at the GDI back entrance, they were just too annoying for tanks
  • made pipeline smaller to allow Infantry to walk underneath it without big problems
  • added new Tiberium area on Nod Infantry Path
  • added Magic Mushrooms from CNC-Tunnels
  • Tiberium Meshes are now using more detailed material
  • made blue tiberium meshes a bit smaller, they looked unnatural
  • added a more mossy material to rocks that are near the river
  • replaced rocks near bridge with new ones, that area should look better now

Income changes:

  • the Team Silos are now significant, which means they will be shown in the HUD and they need to be destroyed to win the map
  • set Credits per Tick for Team Silos from 0.5 to 1
  • Credits per Harvester turn increased from 150 to 160



  • updated minimap (thanks to @Madkill40)
  • re-added Forest Night


  • small changes to the field layout
  • added and modifed some envoirmental elements
  • added one extra GT in both bases
  • turned Hond about 90° to make sneaking more difficult
  • changed lightning angle
  • improved spotting areas
  • added birds

to do: update mini map



  • removed a flame tank



  • blocked unfair nuke spots
  • added better collision to 2 kind of trees (thanks to @Nexus51325 who helped me with that)
  • replaced plants at Nod wall, so they are directed to the south
  • increased tank limit
  • set airstrike cooldown from 45 to 40 seconds
  • fixed broken rock collision at the main field
  • moved 2 crate positions into each base, so base locked teams also get the opportunity to get cool stuff
  • crates will not spawn nukes anymore
  • added sound effects to the tiberium field (somehow forgot that the past years)
  • minor material changes
  • minor lightning changes



  • replaced pipes with another mesh
  • added walls at infantry path entrance which provides both teams the same possibilities to attack the enemy Harvester
  • changed lightning
  • updated Team Silo
  • fixed Harvester stucks
  • Harvesters of both teams need now the same amount of time for one dump
  • optimized package size



  • fixed Night Lightning
  • made aristrip lamps smaller



  • just some little things in the .ini files and UI I forgot to add in 2.3



  • reduced strip lamp size by 50%, to prevent beacons stuck in it
  • fixed grass collision
  • preformance tweaks
  • changed Night lightning
  • reduced package size



  • fixed CNC-ForestDay .ini file
  • landscape changes near Hand of Nod
  • fixed collision problems between a rock and a destroyed Mamooth tank
  • set the mine limit from 18 up to 20
  • removed one container near the Hand of Nod  to prevent sneaking through the Window
  • removed collision for tanks from the airstrip lamps, to prevent wierd stucks
  • reduced size of tree chunks, to make it less noticeable, that they have no collision
  • some changes in culling to prevent players to look into areas, that they are not supposed to see
  • fixed green lights inside the Nod Refinery, that were supposed to be blue
  • removed some trees in the Field, to give tanks more space to operate
  • removed some trees in the base, to give tanks better cover
  • some lightning and fog changes to Forest Night
  • preformance tweaks



  • added medical center
  • lightning tweaks to Forest Night



  • fixed mini map
  • added new tiberium silo
  • fixed water material



Bug Fixes

  • fixed bunker ground
  • fixed floating trees
  • fixed floating wall

Known Bugs

  • Mini Map need to be redone
  • wrong water material

New things

  • added night version



  • updated Team Silo version
  • improved preformance
  • fixed bunker ground



  • improved preformance
  • fixed weird collision near backpath
  • added Flag for GDI Team Silo
  • fixed spawn killing spawn killing from tanks



  • fixed stuck spot near bridge
  • added RX_BU_Ramps and RX_BU_Ramps_TeamSilo to prevent server errors
  • added ramps to the Team Silos
  • fixed sky material
  • added walls to the GDI infantry entrance to prevent spam fire to defend the Silo
  • many things that I don't remember anymore, I've done much more xD


1.5 (You don't have to re-download the Team Silo. No changes also at the night version)

  • changed lightning (used lights, sky and properties from CNC-Gobi
  • fixed bugs
  • made Nod Infantry entrance smaller to protect the Harvester a bit more
  • added noew materials
  • moved airstrip to prevent tank spawn killing (thanks to Try-Out for this suggestion ;))
  • added blocking volumes to prevent wall climbing
  • some things I don't remember anymore, was a long time and I worked a bit earlier already on this version, but then the hurry was preventing me from working


1.4.3 (You don't have to re-download the Team Silo)

  • updated Mini Map



  • changed sky material
  • optimized package size
  • fixed world properties
  • fixed preview images



  • fixed Config files
  • fixed Team Silo zip
  • fixed Kill Z on Forest Night



  • added day and night version
  • added bushes
  • replaced old bunkers with new ones
  • material working
  • removed soem usless things from package
  • opzimized prefrmance
  • added some decals and prefabs
  • optimized volumes
  • moved Tiberium Team Silo closer to base
  • some more things, that I don't remember anymore


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A unique map with multiple paths leading into each base, lots of crates, and GDI/Nod Tiberium Silos.

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I absolutely DIG this map.
It's a bit crammy sometimes with all the tank carcasses and all, but that magical forest atmosphere man...... Love it!!

I've been waiting for something alluring like this. It's almost as if I'm back in the forests of Angkor Wat again.
Ever since I had seen such a forest in the map Paradise, I've been longing for something like that for C&C mode.
And you made one. 🙂 

Now I need this in VR.......
Epic SBH laser-game in the magical forest and all... My goodness.
If we ever do a Renegade-VR in UE5 then this should be one of the first maps IMO.

I mean, just look at those crystals. Look at them!!

But I digress.
Thanks so much for this contribution dude. Have a good one.

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