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Rx_Mutator_AdminTool 1.1.0

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About This File

Warning : This mutator can crash your server

*  This mutator will add a votemenu item, the submenu's contain items you can enable/disable during gameplay
*  For now i added the functions "FutureSoldier","Sandbox"........ Later i will add more options

Modes :

All modes can be enabled by entering the "Vote Menu" (Ctrl+V), then choose "Server GameTools" (9).

The modes below will be displayed on the screen, choose the mode by number.

Mode 1 : FutureSoldier
Mode 2 : Sandbox (SandboxSpawn)
Mode 3 : Sandbox (Gimme)

After the vote successfully ended, the Mode Access-Level will be set to 2, the chosen mode will be activated en accessible by the command screen (F5 or ~)



Mode 1 Command :

Mode 2 Command :
SandboxKillOwned destroy all items spawned in Sandbox

Mode 3 Command :


Commands (Only Admins) options:

AdminToolHelp  -  Displays information about accesslevels
AdminToolInfo   -  Displays the current status of all modes
AdminTool {Mode} (Optional{Status}) (Optional{Level})


Command:                                   Description:

Admintool mode1                   -     toggle current status mode1
Admintool mode2 true            -     toggle current status mode2 to true
Admintool mode3 false 1        -     toggle current status mode3 to false and set mode1 access-level to 1
Admintool mode4 2 true         -     toggle current status mode4 to true and set mode1 access-level to 2
Admintool mode1 3                -     set mode1 access-level to 3

Mode Acces-Levels :

1 = None
2 = All Users
3 = Administrators
4 = Developers
5 = Administrators and Developers

Mode Status :

true = mode is Enabled (All Users got access to the function depending on the Access-Level of the mode)
false = mode is Disabled (Can only be enabled by command line)



Version 1.0.0

Compatible with Renegade X v5.283  


What's New in Version 1.1.0


Fixed: New players now also get the current "gamestatus" replicated.

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