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Rx_Mutator_Veterancy 1.0.0

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About This File

*  This mutator will let you change the Veterancy modifiers for the the Renegade X game
*  The default settings are the double



Version 1.0.0

Compatible with Renegade X v5.282  

Mutator :

Rx_Mutator_Veterancy.u (Default values x2) (Download)

Rx_Mutator_Veterancy.u (Default values x4) (Download)

Rx_Mutator_Veterancy.u (Default values x8) (Download)

Rx_Mutator_Veterancy.u (Default values x16) (Download)

Rx_Mutator_Veterancy.u (Default values x32) (Download)

Source :


Rx_Mutator_Veterancy.uc (Download)


*  Modified by Ukill, this can contain parts of code written by Jessica\Yosh   *
* This mutator will let you change the veterancy modifiers for Renegade X game *
* Rx_Mutator_Veterancy                                                         *

class Rx_Mutator_Veterancy extends UTMutator;

function InitMutator(string Options, out string ErrorMessage)
	if (Rx_Game(WorldInfo.Game) != None)
super.InitMutator(Options, ErrorMessage);	 	 

event PreBeginPlay()
local Rx_VeterancyModifiers VPMod;




//Infantry and VEhicle
VPMod.Mod_BeaconAttack=+1;					//Defaults :	VPMod.Mod_BeaconAttack=+1;
VPMod.Mod_BeaconDefense=+4;					//Defaults :	VPMod.Mod_BeaconDefense=+2;

VPMod.Mod_BeaconHolderKill=+10;			//Defaults :	VPMod.Mod_BeaconHolderKill=+5;
VPMod.Mod_Headshot=+4;						//Defaults :	VPMod.Mod_Headshot=+2;
VPMod.Mod_SniperKill=+2;					//Defaults :	VPMod.Mod_SniperKill=+1;
VPMod.Mod_SniperKilled=+2;					//Defaults :	VPMod.Mod_SniperKilled=+1;
VPMod.Mod_Disadvantage=+4;					//Defaults :	VPMod.Mod_Disadvantage=+2;
VPMod.Mod_AssaultKill=+10;					//Defaults :	VPMod.Mod_AssaultKill=+5;
VPMod.Mod_MineKill=+2;						//Defaults :	VPMod.Mod_MineKill=+1;

VPMod.Mod_Ground2Air=+4;					//Defaults :	VPMod.Mod_Ground2Air=+2;

VPMod.Mod_DefenseKill=-6;					//Defaults :	VPMod.Mod_DefenseKill=-3;
VPMod.Mod_UnfairAdvantage=-4;				//Defaults :	VPMod.Mod_UnfairAdvantage=-2;

VPMod.Ev_GoodBeaconLaid=+4;					//Defaults :	VPMod.Ev_GoodBeaconLaid=+2;
VPMod.Ev_BuildingRepair=+2;					//Defaults :	VPMod.Ev_BuildingRepair=+1;
VPMod.Ev_PawnRepair=+4;						//Defaults :	VPMod.Ev_PawnRepair=+2;
VPMod.Ev_VehicleRepair=+4;					//Defaults :	VPMod.Ev_VehicleRepair=+2;
VPMod.Ev_VehicleSteal=+20;					//Defaults :	VPMod.Ev_VehicleSteal=+10;
VPMod.Ev_C4Disarmed=+2;						//Defaults :	VPMod.Ev_C4Disarmed=+1;
VPMod.Ev_BeaconDisarmed=+10;				//Defaults :	VPMod.Ev_BeaconDisarmed=+5;
VPMod.Ev_VehicleRepairAssist=+8;			//Defaults :	VPMod.Ev_VehicleRepairAssist=+4;
VPMod.Ev_InfantryRepairKillAssists=+4;		//Defaults :	VPMod.Ev_InfantryRepairKillAssists=+2;
VPMod.Ev_CaptureTechBuilding=+10;			//Defaults :	VPMod.Ev_CaptureTechBuilding=+5;

VPMod.Ev_BuildingDestroyed=+100;			//Defaults :	VPMod.Ev_BuildingDestroyed=+50;
VPMod.Ev_BuildingArmorBreak=+40;			//Defaults :	VPMod.Ev_BuildingArmorBreak=+20;
VPMod.Ev_HarvesterDestroyed=+16;			//Defaults :	VPMod.Ev_HarvesterDestroyed=+8;

final static function object GetDefaultObject(class ObjClass)
	return FindObject(ObjClass.GetPackageName()$".Default__"$ObjClass, ObjClass);




Yosh65: During a match you work your way up from the starting rank of Recruit and try to work yourself up to becoming Heroic, a truly terrifying force to be reckoned with. As you attack the enemy and support your team, you will naturally be promoted to higher ranks. These ranks come with a variety of upgrades such as increased damage, rate of fire, movement speed, and much more. This addition should further encourage offensive gameplay and teamwork, as you will find yourself earning veterancy faster during offensive operations than defensive ones.


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