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This mutator brings the option of buying the crate epic units, Armored Sydney and Mutant Raveshaw, with some additions and restrictions.

Only of them can be bought in each team, and after someone does, the whole team is notified with an alert sound and message. When killed all the players are notified the epic unit died and who killed it. It gives more VP than common units.
Each epic character is unique on its own way, possessing abilities that are justified by what it is. For Sydney, her armor give her bonus and her disadvantage, as for Mutant Raveshaw, his mutant ability make him inhuman. They can be bought in the Purchase Terminal at Items menu, that now have a text on bottom saying Epic Chars, they are at 4th position. If main infantry building is destroyed you can't get them anymore.

A complete list of abilities and it's numbers can be seen here, along side with the code itself.


A video show case is available here:


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