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Some Questions about Unreal Editor 4 :)


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Hi all, :rolleyes:

I'm playing a little bit with the unreal editor 4 and there are some questions. I looked for tutorials a long time, but I haven't found answers yet so I hope someone could help me with my problems. ;)

First, how can I create a movie in Unreal Tournamnet 3 ? I don't mean capturing the screen but how to make a camera movement and moving actors/characters and so on. I mean like in that trailer the intro from the scorpion hunter mission. :)

And do you know good tutorials about creating new characters and vehicles for UT3?

thanks and sry for going on your nervers and my bad English :D

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QUOTE (Mighty BOB! @ Feb 7 2009, 08:46 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
Hmm I thought Havoc or one of our mappers woulda responded.

Hourence is the man
Characters, Weapons, Vehicles

I take it you didn't buy the Collector's Edition of UT3 with the metal box? It has tutorial videos on a bonus disc, some of which go over Matinee, the video system.


Hi and thanks for the answer! :)

no, I just have the normal Edition but I'm thinking about selling the old une and to take the money as a part of buying the Special Editon :)
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QUOTE (Xaroxentius @ Feb 12 2009, 03:31 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
Actually I don't want to start a discussion about "where can you get UT3 on the cheapest way" but HERE in Germany you still have to pay

(If you don't believe me, click here)

And on Ebay you get about 10-20 € for that game. BELIVE IT :P[/b]

I do believe you. It's about the same way here in Finland too. Just to remind you can order it from UK (that's Europe after all)
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