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Couple of queries


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The plans for the server? well.. should be bugfree and yes it will run on a x64 as long as you can run UT3 on it.

DevOnline: Using voice playback device (Lautsprecher (SoundMAX Integrated Digital HD Audio))
DevOnline: VolumeThreshold is set to 0.100000
DevOnline: Initializing GameSpy
DevOnline: GameSpy availability check returned 0x00000001
DevOnline: gpInitialize() returned 0x00000000
DevOnline: sakeStartup() returned 0x00000000
DevOnline: scInitialize() returned 0x00000000
DevOnline: gcd init returned 0x00000000
DevOnline: Initialization of GameSpy successful
Log: Performing DNS lookup for stunserver.org

hehe... this is the normal UT3 server/client start (log)

what do you need the logs for? UT3 outputs normal plain text as log and you can choose at server start where it whould go and if server should log.

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Nice tool, however we can make our own stats without using the logs at all, UE3 is very powerfull, also UScript.

Also a ladder will be there for RenX, I will code it at university as a project (I need one at last, so its a nice chance to use this time coding for RenX).

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