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Uh Oh! I got bored again...


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So yeah... Definitely not finished.

I was thinking of adding decorations under it with some kind of clear top and or grate to make it look more functional then a slab of concrete? Adds lots of polies though.


Also I was thinking for the "lightning" that does the actual repairing I guess I could add 2 "emitters" pointing at each other?

Or did someone already do the repair pad, someone should update that "progress" thing. :P

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That's actually a pretty good idea; adding a grate or clear window to see some guts underneath the platform doing various whatchamathings when vehicles are repairing.

At this point though, we don't even have the 4 basic Renegade buildings (Bar/Hon, WF/Strip, Ref, and PP) in-game and working just yet so we're not focused on the extra buildings.

That's a good idea for when we get around to it though.

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Well that is why I am making this building, it is non-important and that means everyone else can stay focused on important things!

So yea like we were talking about, I added a jawsome industrial door!




Note how I made sure to leave space to the sides so it looks like it could really open! :o

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