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AI Targetting


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Will the targeting be the same? I know in renegade things that are tracking like missiles, or base defenses would aim at the center of your vehicle or character. My concern is, if the base defenses especially shoot at any part of your vehicles, how will the gameplay change? Like field as GDI for example, you can shoot the obelisk without it returning fire if you position yourself correctly. Or hourglass? The obelisk was tall enough to shoot you if you didn't have cover on the hill. AGT could probably shoot at your turret as NOD if it aimed anywhere on your model.

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The targeting propably will be improved. The Unreal Engine has all the possibilities to do so in many ways. So we will propably change it arround sometimes and let playtestings decide what to use in the end. So this is not decided yet and you could leave a comment about what youre favorit method would be if you like.

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