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Played Halo Wars for the first time + binged the Story


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Looked up an online guide for how to watch the series in chronological order and it started with Halo Wars, so I actually played through it. Followed by watching the cutscenes of Reach, Combat Evolved, 2, 3 + ODST, 4, Spartan Assault and the other thing, Guardians, played through only the human campaign of Halo Wars 2 and then watched Infinite. Good series. Perhaps if I had been familiar with the series prior to 2007 then the first Mass Effect game wouldn't have floored me as much as it did and it wouldn't have been what got me into sci-fi, as it did. 

The really neat thing about both Halo Wars RTS games was the way almost every unit was capable of attacking air units, albeit less effectively then their actual/hard-counters, but I loved how even your basic infantry squads could FINALLY point their guns upwards, which was missing from other RTS games that I still liked, but always found the absence of such an obvious capability annoying. Aside from that a loved the little details like your squads chatting and how your Spartans had take-down animations for finishing off other infantry units of their size. The base-building was a bit limited, as far as placement went, but it was understandably modular and was enough for the job. Always liked unit veterancy, being rewarded for keeping them alive. 

Even on easy difficulty the AI in Skirmish can already screw with you enough by sending the hero characters, that is if you didn't build a defense fast enough. I could already see it being similar to Tiberian Sun, where on Easy the AI was like a tutorial, then just one difficulty-level above, at Medium, it was already too much. And it probably would've been the same in Halo Wars, but I didn't even wanna find out. I played the campaign on normal difficulty, though.

I actually recently skipped through a video of a guy who played 7 vs. 1 on Hard in Red Alert 2, and for a brief moment it filled me with enough nostalgia that I wanted to download the game, again, even though I rarely tried playing against Hard AI back in the day. Never mind 1 vs. 7. Mental!

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