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Islands Undisarmable timed C4 / Unrepairable nod refinery


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Happened 5 mins ago on Marathon - EU server, I was in nod and saw the team mine count have some missing mines, ran into refinery and saw a hotwire shooting 1 of our guys to death, and placed 2x time C4 on the mct , i killed the hotwire and proceed to disarm the timed c4 ( I was a technician) and strangely noticed the time c4 health won't go down when i aimed my repair gun on it, i tried on another timed c4 , same thing happened, then i attempt to repair the refinery through mct , and the refinery health stays at the same level through out the duration until the timed c4 goes off, final few secs attempted on repair through the building area itself, still the refinery hp doesnt heal back.

Just wondering is this a bug or I just encounter cheaters / hacks ? my ping is around 180 plus , latency is fine , nothing is teleporting , and sorry there is no screenshot or video as this happens too quickly

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