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Mega fast installation


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I'm trying to install the game for the second day. Second. Day. After restarting the launcher for the tenth time due to frequent download errors, I was able to resume downloading at 1.03 MiB\second speed. Angry, I asked another person to download the game. Alas, on the process "Applying" he got an error, so I downloaded what was on the USB flash drive and ... it didn't help, download 645 files says the launcher. Hooray, I downloaded it!... but no, there is an error in the process "Applying". Come on first lol

I am in great joy from this game, but downloading it is an incredible mockery. My disk crashed and I had to download again. More precisely, I struggle in endless attempts to do this. Please stop mocking me and give me a direct link or an alternative one.

By the way. While I was writing all this, the launcher knocked out an error. Yes, for the twentieth time today. For reference - I installed GTA 5 weighing 80 GB (or maybe more) in 40 minutes.

I'm not trying to pollute the game, no I love her. Just such a cry from the heart that I came here. And it is unlikely that you will help me, I do not know English.

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