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Dot going at high speed on the map? Someone flying all around the map at incredible speed? Someone' body standing outside of his vehicle? Don't worry, here comes your answer!


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Well, you can still worry because they're bugs, but now you can have fun replicating them! :D

Contrary to my usual bug reports, this one is displayed in public, because this issue isn't only non-gamebreaking, but also very funny

The first video is quite long, due to the process taking some time. It shows:
- how to get your body out of your vehicle (enter a vehicle, then hit 2 to switch to passenger seat, then hit 1 to switch to driver seat)
- as well as a slight issue related to that (you can get shot at)
- then, you'll see how to push the body out of the vehicle (I alternate both POVs so you can see in details what both you and others will see)

 The second video is shorter, and shows you how to get what you'll see as a "flying dude" or, on the map, as a "flying dot". Notice how the automated base defenses do not shoot


Have fun :D

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