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FirestormX Review and Feedback from Trailers and YouTube Demo


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Hello Everyone!
It's a nice feeling to Open this topic for the first time! Okay without any hesitations let's get to the point:
The goal here is to get to know Bugs, fix the issues and show the development team the C&C Tiberian Sun/Firestorm Style, before it's too late, the more it takes time to report the bugs, flaws to developers, the less likely we have this chance they listen to us to change them. Gameplay, some Elements Models, Units, and Terrains need serious attention and fixing, also weapons, for example, the one in the trailer is inspired by the Halo game series, Master Chief rifle. My main point is not just playing the game, I want to make it ideal, I have some game development experience from 2014 too, so I am familiar with the process. Let's point to another Example: some shapes, units and buildings, and terrains still have some basic forms, polygons, and Structures of Buildings for example Doors in Ren-X, when you get close to buildings, come out through the walls which are very bad in look, Automatic parts of doors get out and some unrealistic animation happens, of course, I know Developer team did lots of hard work and effort and they did their best, and well maybe it may be not important or unnecessary for them to pay attention into, but about the overall of terrain, It needs lots of work.
An example for testing: some player stands near a corner and jumps 100 to 1000 times and tries to go through a wall, this can reveal a bug. Some Weapons, Buildings are still rudimentary in shape, some basic shape of stairs go up, Improper terrain and levels in maps, etc.
I want all of the users please participate in this topic, I am going to write and update this thread very soon with much more details, I did discuss these with some friends and now I am posting them here so I Hope to hear from all of you very soon

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Okay, I am going to update this post about feedback very soon, I reviewed some bugs, Suggestions, and improvements that are needed in Firestorm, and after making them in order, I will post them here. meanwhile, I am asking friends to join this discussion

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