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This is the first actual "CNC" map that I've been working on for quite some time now.

This first started out to be a fps  "Remake" of Tournament Urban from CNC Generals but eventually became its own thing.






I added a few different features  to give more options and hopefully introduce some different yet fun elements to the game.

First, the overall design of the different lanes and objectives  *should* help avoid base-locking.

The bases themselves are basically split into two sections, outer and inner. They both have *mini* tunnel networks, (simple teleporters), that will quickly get you from one section to the other.


There are USA inspired supply drop points in both corners of the map that drop crates that will give you randomized equipment, (guns, grenades, vehicles, and health). The first drop starts immediately but the rest are every 5 mins. 




Both GDI and Nod have their own Tunnel networks that they can use to group up and traverse the map without telegraphing their movements.



Before being able to use any of the 4 tunnel locations on the map, they will need to own that specific tunnel exit.


Once a tunnel is captured a turret comes out to defend but is also the trigger, (when destroyed) to allow that exit to be captured.


If you happen to be inside of a tunimage.thumb.jpeg.113009f8aa8a4de78fa7d160805753e8.jpegnel when the turret is destroyed you have 10 seconds to exit the way you came or the tunnel will "collapse" on you, (currently NO indicator for this). Also, if you try to enter a tunnel that you do not own you will be killed when touching the "forcefield".

There is a Regular and Air version of the map, but they use the same package. The air version shouldn't be used in skirmish because the bots will get "stuck" and do nothing while floating in mid air. Without air vehicles they (mostly) act well enough and will push across the map to fight the enemy.

I went a bit overboard with the map size and assets so I'll be scaling them down bit by bit overtime with new release versions.

A current known issue is that one of the main buildings in the middle of the map doesn't have its windows showing. There are definitely more and I'll make a list later on today but feel free to post any issues, and questions/suggestions you may have.


GenCorp.rar GenCorpAir.rar

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