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RenX desync after a minute in server


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I'm getting desynced with the server after a minute or two in-game.

Latest RenX version. Resetting, repairing the install and complete reinstall had no effect.

Win10 LTSC. Tried to revert a few most recent updates -- no effect either.

Tested on Marathon EU2 server since it's most populated (the issue originated there too)

Console -> stat net output is on screenshots. Note the In Rate being slower than Out Rate and zero In Bunches. (Edit: In Rate normally should be somewhat around 3K+)

Desync symptoms are as follows: doors don't move (neither close nor open), all the units continue to execute the last command, i.e. if moving -- move further until stuck in the wall, if shooting -- continue shooting at the coordinate (engineers repairing air, for example, since the initial target vehicle moved away client-side), if turning -- continue turning around infinitely, static defense never react.

Shot 1: https://imgur.com/SuaYba8

Shot 2: https://imgur.com/1py3q54

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