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CNC Boardwalk


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Learning from mistakes and problems of my previous map (Isle of War) I decided to make a fully symmetrical map in a standard U shape.

The idea is to recreate a concept from Westwood's cancelled Renegade 2 of a map taking place on a boardwalk with the ferris wheel being the central point of it . It will be a   dark, atmospheric map set during a foggy night, with countless lights of the boardwalk attractions lighting up the routes; inspired by the final scenes of "1941" movie.

I have  the initial routes roughly mapped out. Note that most of the assets are currently just  placeholders. It's non-flying, with basic and advanced base defenses. 8.thumb.png.d2f5f743a825ee1376adea797246e969.png

Short vehicle route - goes under the bridge leading to the boardwalk. Very short, Starts by going down from a ramp.

Long vehicle route - goes all the way around the boardwalk and under part of it. Ferris wheel obstructs the view of the enemy base for the artillery units.

Infantry only routes - short route connecting the back entrances to the bases goes through the long middle road leading to the boardwalk (all of which is inf only). The boardwalk can also be accessed by stairs, two sets on each side. There's also an infantry 'tunnel' under the boardwalk.

View from the end of the boardwalk:


View from the beach, Nod side:


The infantry route, back of the base:


Ramp at the entrance to the base:


View from the long vehicle route:


Since Renegade 2 was supposed to be set in RA universe, harvs collect ore instead of tiberium lol:


View from the GDI base:


The map will of course be filled with props to allow for cover during battles (cars on the road and parking lot; trees on inf route; rocks, towels, umbrellas and guard huts on the beach etc.) The boardwalk will be heavily lit and filled with attraction booths, vending machines, food stands and so on. The ferris wheel will be the central point, visible from almost every spot of the map and additionally will be obstructing view of the tallest enemy buildings as seen from the vehicle routes.

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