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repair tool weapon crate feedback.


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with how the weapon crate is pretty much nerfd with the advanced repair tool being replaced with an inferior+verry irritating repair tool because its pretty much a copy and paste of the one ya buy from the terminal.

any plans to eather remove this from the weapon crate this is just from personal experience and couple of discussions in the game about it. 9 out of 10 weapon crates i pickt up its always been a repair tool. the game doesnt even check if ya got a repair tool its just gets ya 1 without recharging it. ya repair tool could be like 5/350 charges left ya pick it up and ya roll the repair tool its still at 5/350. the advanced repair tool ya first had was just balanced high hp heal per charge just 250 energy very very long recharge doesnt interfear with others bought items. like i rather just get a nuke/abduction crate then a repair tool when i hold an ion/nuke/airstrike. because atleast ik could rebuy them faster when i respawn then walk all the way back to rebuy the nuke/ion beacons or the airstrike. 


so with that anyone else that would like to speak out on the repair tool i am aware that the discussion in the game always ends up when talking to the forum its a waste of time but come on try it ones ya stop trying ya already gave up on possibly game idea's

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