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Flame tank in real life


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The last real life flame tanks were made in the Cold War. The Americans used the M132 armoured flame thrower and the M67 "Zippo" flame tank.

The M132 was basically an APC with a flamethrower attached. This bad boy was able to fire up to 170 m, although only for 30 seconds (80 gallon/300 liter fuel tank).


The M67 is much closer to our beloved Renegade X flame tank. The M67 had a 400 gallon/1500 liter fuel tank and could fire for ~60 seconds. Theoretical maximum range for the flame equipment was 256 meters. For this one I couldn't find good footage, but check out this video about 2 minutes in:


There were some flamers used by the Soviets as well (modified T-62 tank), but I couldn't find good info/footage on them, maybe someone could help out.


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