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oldschool weak/strong repair gun adjustments??+another repair tool


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so any of ya remember the old renegade with the repair it had a main fire healing everything and the alternate fire would damage enemy's and unmanned vehcle's.

considering this isent yet in the game what do ya guys think of this suggestion for the eng/techs/hotwires/normal/adcanced repair tool to have as a function. would clearly make these guns usefull they would dish out the same damage as they would heal so the hotwire repair gun dished out a 40 dps a sec well that the damage when ya right click with no modifiers. the repair guns with ammo would sill react like they are right now only losing ammo when they damage/heal


then for another repair tool any of ya rememeber that repair tool in renegade that used a charge up function to give a 1 time big heal with ya needing to reload it. would like to see that possibly added to the game aswell. it could for example use mobius hise secondary fire to charge up the electricity in it. then when its at full charge ya would fire a bolt of healing up to a medium range. to heal the target. this weapon would be from a crate the healing is around 100-400 health on a target depanding on how long ya charge it. the reload time is around 5-7 seconds with the charge time taking 5 seconds for a full charge keep in mind ya only have 1 ammo clip regardless of ya charge time ya could charge it for 1 seconds to heal like 80 or hold it for 5 seconds to heal 400 hp.


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