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DevTalk #1: Building a Tiberian Sun FPS


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2 hours ago, I Darkstar X said:

That could be a mechanic, but I do not think that (if this was ever going to be considered, which I doubt) relying totally on Tiberium based deaths would be the answer.

I suggest that it would be a very gradual process, that becomes stronger over time with more enemies and more advanced ones as well. Basically a way to break sieges and counteract snowballing by having an outside influence. I do imagine that you are able to shut down the Tiberium stuff, perhaps by destroying a giant crystal that is hidden somewhere in the AI “base”. Or destroy all of those tree things that spawn to stop their growth.

at first when i heard of renegade x on youtube tho i expected the viseroids to be part of it atleast if it was a full renegade with better systems in place.reason why is if ya start up a renegade skirmish game go get killed in tib ya sometimes turn into a visceroids+ya can turn into mutants with certain buttons for nod. was very disapointed that was not there.then again ya cant get everything ya liked of the old renegade.


with the tib field having it become stronger overall could be an option yeah to negate the growth ya got to keep ya harvesters alive that would harvest the tib in there with degrading tiberian field mechanics in there for the crystals. the crystal would replanish overtime but,ya can speed that up then with tiberian weapons nod would have the upperhand in this to be fair because tiberian faction.the chem sprayers would be the most effective way to regrow them. like if the tib field overthere is entirelly destroyed nod could ressurect them with tib weapons same with certain gdi characters but not would do this faster .then if its a structure that spawns neutral creature gdi's firepower can destroy it much and much  faster

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