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Consolidated Bug Report Thread: Patch 5.430


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Please post any bugs you are experiencing with Patch 5.430 in this thread, and we will update this thread rather than many different threads.


Confirmed Issues

  • Infinite Promotion sound loop on surrender - [Fixed]
  • Shaders not compiled
  • CNC-Arctic_Stronghold

  • CNC-CliffSide

  • CNC-Complex

  • CNC-Desolation

  • CNC-Field

  • CNC-LakeSide

  • CNC-Snow_X

  • CNC-Storm

  • CNC-Tunnels

  • CNC-Volcano

  • TDM-Caves


Issues to Confirm

  • Issues with connecting to servers - This needs individual reports to follow up on, and more evidence to find what is occuring.
  • Vehicle Passenger Bug


Not A Bug

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