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HexMountain crashing the game (bUseTextureStreaming)


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if you have changed some settings in the /UDKGame/Config/engine.ini

to improve the performance, e.g. PoolSize and MemoryMargin and then set the file to "read only", this can lead to game crash on certain maps, e.g. Hexmountain.

In my case it was caused by having bUseTextureStreaming set to false, it has to be :




************************ This was captured in the Launch.log ******************************

[2999.91] Log: Missing cached shader map for material M_ASC_Supports_SM_Shinto, quality 0, compiling.
[2999.91] Warning: Warning, Failed to compile Material ASC_Supports.SM.Materials.M_ASC_Supports_SM_Shinto for platform PC-D3D-SM3, Default Material will be used in game.
[3002.38] Log: === Critical error: === Fatal error!

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