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direct shots from tanks

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Guest once upon the time

In the older betas the direct hits were definitely more effective until some complained. After that it was changed, but it was a little bit long ago, do not ask me in which patch it was changed.
Some complained that GDI would have an extreme advantage.
Also think that for direct hits (I do not mean headshot), more damage would have to be done.
Will probably not happen, as often come the statement one should aim better.
I have not played Original Renegade and I do not want to compare it either, but sometimes it seems like the Infantry like Chuck Norris and Rambo in one person.

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There are a lot of things different about RenX, it isn't intended to be 100% accurate to the original game. But personally I think vehicles are a tad weak in terms of firepower against infantry.

The other day actually I was on field as GDI. We were pressuring Nod with meds and mammies at their gate. Engineers were jumping down from the sniper perch and throwing C4 on us. IMO a $1500 vehicle should be able to take out a free infantry class just a tad easier... The mammoth tusk missiles got the job done in the original.

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