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  • 1 year later...

My friend and I got into some LAN skirmishes. we had a blast. 😆 

He was figuring out the game, I was trying to fight fair. I decided to drop a nuke mid base, just to spook him. 🤪


I blew up his WF by mistake. Forgot to take a picture. 😁 Poor guy just bought his first Orca. So I left him a tank I found to make it fair. He waited until I was in a hole taking another screen photo to blast me into green mist. 🤪😆


Maj BOB learns quickly. 


Come out Major BOB. 

     No, you're gonna kill me with that thing.

(Sigh) Have I played a cheap game yet? JUST Come out side!

     (slowly creeping)

(Ketchup goes running.) Here I found you a tank Merry Christmas, I got a present for ya.

     What do I do with it?

KILL me.


Boy did he, ever. 😆 I spent most of the game harassing his harvester or the one BOT.   


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