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can't join to Constructive Tyranny Server


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Hello. Help me pls with technical problem.
Since yesterday I can't join to Constructive Tyranny Server. In the same time I Can join to others servers. When I push button "Join", nothing happens and no notifications.

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This is rather strange, as there is no ban applied to any of the details we have on you.

Can you please try doing a tracert on the following address on the device you are using to play on.



Also are you using a VPN, as many do cause issues when playing on servers. The reason for asking is you appear to be connecting from 2 geographical locations, one in France and one in Russia.

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Attachment: tracert and ping ("general failure" and 100 % loss). I think you're right. I have old problem with StarCraft servers and can't play too. But with CT servers I had no problem in the past and I don't understand what problem with my internet connections happend. VPN I use in Internet surfing, but I don't know what connection settings RenX use.

Thank you for help.

Log Jvc tracrt + ping.JPG

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