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The NVIDIA Indie Spotlight Game Developer Program


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Whether you’re a talented first-time game developer, or a team of former AAA devs striking out on your own, we want gamers to know about your game. We handpick and curate the best of the best who apply to the program to share with our GeForce community of gamers.

The below opportunities are available to all games accepted into the program:

  • Exposure on our GeForce social media channels
  • Opportunities at tradeshows and NVIDIA events
  • Feature articles on GeForce.com

Here's something that may help increase the playerbase of Renegade X.

I was looking for how geforce experience adds games and provides optimal settings for them. Found this list which shows all supported games for geforce experience and on the bottom there's support button for developers.


The NVIDIA Indie Spotlight Game Developer Program
Registering for this would be helpful towards exposure as well as possibly adding support for geforce optimal settings, highlights, NVIDIA Ansel, SLI and maybe more.

Now i do not know if all these things would be able to get added with how it all works and with UDK and all, nor if it would be acceptable with EA's contract.
It would however still be great for the devs to check into this or similar programs 

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