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Game freezes when joining server from launcher, but runs skirmishes fine


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Hi guys!

Specs: i5 72000U, 8GB RAM, GTX 1050 4GB (external GPU connected through thunderbolt) Windows 10

When I launch from the 64 bit executable directly or use the launch game option in the launcher, I can run Skirmishes by myself just fine. I thought the graphics card configuration would be the problem but it seems to work, at least in singleplayer.

I've authorized the binaries and the launcher through the firewall

When I launch into a server game from the launcher, I get to the main menu, then the game freezes and I have to sign out of windows through ctrl+alt+del.

I've actually managed to join and play in servers without the eGPU but then I have to be at the lowest settings and it heats up like crazy if I have to rely on integrated graphics. I've attached the log file.

If you have any ideas I'm all ears. Cheers. Great work on the game by the way, it's all I could ever want.



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Hi SonnyX. The dock is not connected to ethernet, I'm running through Wifi on the laptop. I don't think I'd be able to connect it because it would be impractical to move the set-up or to play near the router. I've installed the redistributables but no luck so far, although it now exits to desktop instead of crashing. Attached latest log


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